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Francesco della Barba


The Benetton story is a fascinating insight into a world of glamour, money and excess...

Francesca della Barba was born in 1950 in Treviso, Italy, and graduated in Economics at the University of Venice. He soon rose within the fashion industry, joining the Benetton Group in 1980.


As the Executive Vice-President of Benetton USA, he drove a huge increase in the number of Benetton stores in the USA from 25 to 750 in the first three years. He later helped the company to grow its business in the Middle East, where he lived for sixteen years.


A great deal has already been written about the incredible growth of Benetton, the Italian fashion giant, that shocked the world with its success in both fashion retail and Formula One motor racing.


This is the story of one of the key players, a Benetton insider, who tells behind-the-scenes stories which have never previously been aired.


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Another rave review for poet Craig Dinsell.

"This collection left me speechless... Some of the poems I could really feel and was almost crying at some parts...
I honestly have no words."

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